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AGR Hospitality provides a scope of services to all organizations interested in more than improving the overall customer experience in all areas of hospitality. But rather interested in creating the experience that helps define and distinguish your brand and purpose.

We provide insightful evaluations and assessments that deliver turnkey solutions that are designed to seamlessly integrate with your company’s Anatomy. Our approach leverages all viable resources and fuses them with our expertise to help create and build self-sustaining procedures that shape a unique experience.

Thanks for your Help!

My experience with AGR HOSPITALITY had two mutual benefits: Efficiency and Effectiveness! In a very short amount of time we had qualified candidates that met our expectations. Very high success rate!

-Nancy, Owner, Midici Neapolitan Pizza Company

Always a Pleasure!

"I have been working with AGR HOSPITALITY for over a year now and  they always tend to our needs and go above and beyond to ensure our events go smooth and our clients enjoy every minute of the event. I highly recommend sourcing AGR for any event staff needs!

-Shaike, Owner & Executive Chef, Shaike's Kosher Catering


Plain and simple, Agr brings confidence to uncertain scenarios. I can always count on them to deliver professional and knowledgeable staff members for whichever our clients are expecting even with last minute needs. 

       - Christine, Staffing Manager    Thierry Isambert Culinary & Event Design

Happy Clients

At AGR Hospitality we pour our hearts and creativity into each exclusive event to bring our clients and their guests a truly unique experience... Highly anticipated and never duplicated...







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December 9, 2016

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